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Tilt Detection

At Luhur Photo Booth, we believe in evolving. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest feature – tilt detection. Taking the photo booth experience to the next level, this feature ensures that all our guests, regardless of their height, will fit perfectly in the frame. Our newly developed tilt detection technology in the interactive mirror photo booth seamlessly adjusts the camera angle. This feature becomes especially handy when kids are in front of the lens, ensuring seamless photo-capturing experiences.

Now say goodbye to misaligned photos or cut-off heads. Our automatic tilt detection ensures everyone in the frame is captured beautifully, offering you uniquely tailored experiences. Never again worry about little ones feeling left out, or taller friends bending awkwardly. Our tilt detection feature caters to everyone, maintaining the quality and fun in your photographs. 

In our future developments, we are looking to integrate this feature with artificial intelligence for further enhancement. This sophisticated AI technology ensures that the focus and angle of your photo are exactly where you want it. But we don’t just stop there. The AI will be able to detect faces and allow you to decide if you want to crop the image, offering you full control over your memorable moments. We’ve observed that sometimes, unexpected guests bob into your perfect shot. To address such inconveniences, in our future enhancements, you will have the ability to decide whether you want to crop the image or not.

Stay tuned to experience more innovation from Luhur Photo Booth, as we continue to bring you technology-driven, interactive, and fun-filled photo booth experiences.