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Premium Props

We don’t believe in importing props that are made from PVC. Importing props is convenient—you can shop from a variety of online shops and get whatever you need without too much hassle. But if you take a closer look at the materials used to make those props, it’s not all as fun as it seems. Most imported props are made with PVC or are single-use, which contributes to waste.

We use only Hoop Pine which is manufactured from a sustainable and renewable log plantation in South East Queensland. It is FSC certified, so you can rest assured that the wood we use is sourced sustainably. An FSC accredited assures buyers that timber has come from a forest that has been evaluated and certified as being managed according to the correct social, economic and environmental standards.

We pride ourselves on the artisan nature of our products: all our “sign props” are made in-house with our Melbourne-made laser cutter. Should you decide to create your own personal prop, we take great care to ensure that each prop is unique and personalised to you. 

In addition for our “costume props,” we try to source as many as we can from the local op shops. In fact, at least 50 per cent of our “costume props” are second-hand finds! 

To us, it’s all about helping you express yourself in new ways.

We know you’ll love our props as much as we do!