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Are you throwing a party and want a premium photo booth backdrop?

We’ve got you covered, babes. Our range of premium backdrops will make your pictures pop!

The sequin fabric backdrop comes in gold colour with a soft shimmer that makes your photos look magical. It’s perfect for a classic, elegant look that’ll make your guests feel like they’re stepping right into a scene from The Great Gatsby!

The Satin fabric backdrop comes in three colours: blue, red and white. You can use this colour scheme to create an elegant, vintage-inspired photo booth background or to play up your favourite sports team colours!

We also have green screens so you and your friends can “teleport” to wherever you want.

Or how about the black and white sheer backdrop? That one’s the bomb. It’s perfect for creating boomerangs! Boomerangs? Do you know that one photo of your face that you can make into a hilarious moving picture? We’re talking about that.

We love them, but we wish they could be more, well… fun. That’s why we’ve used smart fairy lights in the back to help set the mood, and we’ve put together an awesome smart app for that one to help you get more out of your photo booth! The app gives you access to thousands of different effects, animations, and designs, so you can make your decoration truly unique. You can change its colour, and add effects and animations with just a tap. Pretty cool, huh? Who doesn’t want to do that? (COMING SOON)

And when you’ve got a big event coming up, how about custom balloon decorations? We can make it happen!